Man allegedly received bullets at his address, court hears

Ballymena Court

A solicitor told a court a man believed there was “some sort of vendetta against him” as he had received bullets at his address.

The claim was made as Jonathan Reeves (50), of Coronation Park, appeared in court charged with breaching a bail curfew.

The defendant had been on bail, including a night time curfew from 10pm-7am, after previously admitting causing criminal damage to a window on May 23 this year.

He appeared back at Ballymena Magistrates Court on July 11 charged with breaching bail that day.

A police officer said that after 2am on July 11 there was a report of criminal damage at an address in Ballymena where a window was broken.

CCTV showed an unidentifiable masked male throwing stones.

Police carried out a bail check on Reeves as he was on bail for damaging the property on May 23.

At 4am on July 11 the defendant presented himself at the door of his property where all the lights were on and he was fully clothed and police saw a Puffa jacket.

The officer said police established that a man with a non-Ballymena accent had called for a taxi from the Cororonation area of Clough to go to an area of Ballymena and later got a taxi back to Clough.

The officer said police viewed dashcam footage from a taxi which showed a person in a Puffa jacket.

The court heard the taxi had been paid for by a bank card in the name of the defendant and the calls to the taxi firm came from a mobile associated with the defendant.

The officer said Reeves had black tape over logos on a jacket.

Defence solicitor Stewart Ballentine said Reeves denied leaving his home.

He said the bank card was no longer in his possession and the defendant believed a “third party” was using the card.

The lawyer said the tape was on a part of the coat which had been “letting in water”.

The solicitor said Reeves and a person had been acquaintances and there was a “history” between them.

The lawyer said the Reeves believed there was”some sort of vendetta” against him.

The court heard it claimed that “bullets” had been sent to Reeves’ address.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said he found the breach of bail had been proven but he said he would release the defendant back on bail on the sum of £500.

There is a 10pm-7am curfew; the defendant is to have no contact with two individuals and he is not to enter Ballymena apart from attending court, Probation, doctor and pharmacy.

The case was adjourned to the end of July.

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