Man allegedly said he would ‘cut tiny bits’ from man and woman

A MAN allegedly told a man and woman who came to his home he would “cut tiny bits” from them and hang them upside down until they bled out.

The alleged victims also told police Cathair McKendry (21), of Carrowcrin Road, Armoy, was in in possession of a knife and a Stanley Knife and had told them: “This is the knife I use for torturing people; this is the knife I use for killing people”.

The claims were mentioned at Coleraine Magistrates Court on Monday where the defendant was applying for bail.

He is accused of false imprisonment of the man and woman – aged 19 and 18 respectively; making threats to kill them; assault; theft of a mobile phone and possession of two knives with intent to commit theft and false imprisonment.

The charges relate to an alleged incident at the defendant’s address on January 19 this year.

A police officer told the court the man, who knows the defendant, and the woman called at McKendry’s home.

The officer said the man and woman told police the defendant was consuming drugs and his mood changed before he retrieved a knife from a kitchen and he also had a Stanley Knife.

Before making threatening comments the defendant sharpened the knives against each other and he held the tip of a knife against the woman’s head but no injury was caused.

When the man tried to leave, the defendant pushed him onto a sofa.

The police officer said the man and woman claimed that during the night McKendry continued to take drugs and after the woman was placed in a bedroom which had the door tied with a rope she was able to escape barefoot when she was let out to use the toilet and the alarm was raised at 6am.

The court was told that when interviewed the defendant denied the offences saying he had invited the man and woman to his home where they had all consumed drugs and they had been free to leave at any time.

The court was told the defendant denied holding a knife up to the woman or threatening anyone or making comments and he also denied tying the door with a rope.

The police officer said she had concerns about the credibility of the witnesses as they and McKendry had gone to a shop at one stage.

The officer added that although she had “substantial concerns” about the credibility police were not yet in a position to say what was alleged on the date in question had not happened.

A defence solicitor said CCTV “fundamentally undermines” the accounts given by the man and woman.

The lawyer said CCTV showed the woman smoking outside with a male and it also showed McKendry’s brother returning to the premises with “workmen”.

The police officer said the man and woman said they were accompanied by McKendry outside for a smoke and were in fear.

The officer objected to bail believing there could be interference with witnesses and a likelihood of further offences.

The case was adjourned to February 24.

Deputy District Judge Sean O’Hare released the defendant on £500 bail to a B&B in Waterfoot with a 11pm-7am curfew; he is not to drink alcohol and has to submit to a breath test or an impairment test and he is not to contact the man and woman or enter Larne where they live.

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