Man carrying metre-long plank ‘taken from bonfire site’ claimed he had it for self-defence

A man caught carrying a one metre long piece of wood in the early hours which he allegedly picked up at a bonfire site told police it was for self defence.

Aaron Kerr (22), an unemployed plasterer, of Princes Street in Ballymena, came to police attention at Paradise Avenue in the town at 1.15am on July 24 this year.

Police were in the area following a report of a fight in the Queen Street area.

The court heard the defendant said he had been out for the evening when he was assaulted.

Defence solicitor David McIlrath told Ballymena Magistrates Court the defendant had been the victim of an “unprovoked attack by an unknown assailant”.

Fining the defendant £150, District Judge Nigel Broderick told him: “Arming yourself with a weapon is never a good idea”.

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