Man caught with drugs said he had been using air rifle at ‘target range’

Ballymena Court

A MAN found in possession of drugs and an air rifle when police stopped a vehicle said he had been out with friends shooting at a target range.

The details emerged as David Grys (30), with an address listed as Queen Street in the town, admitted a number of charges at Ballymena Magistrates Court.

In July 2017 Grys was detected driving despite being disqualified and the air rifle was found along with drugs – cannabis and methylamphetamine.

Also in July 2018 he entered Poundland in Ballymena an intoxicated state and lifted 89 items and when escorted back into the store by staff he was aggressive and spat at them.

He also spat at and tried to headbutt a civilian detention officer when taken to a police station.

In May last year police called to Warden Square in Ballymena in relation to money warrants and Grys climbed out of a window and tried to escape and whilst being taken to custody he tried to spit at police.

On December 8 this year police saw Grys drive off and when the vehicle stopped he was slumped forward.

He smelt of intoxicating liquor and was unable to complete a preliminary breath test due to being so intoxicated.

In custody he became aggressive and during a struggle he “hit his face on a wall”.

He refused to provide a breath or blood sample.

A defence barrister said the defendant bought the air rifle, which could fire pellets or ball-bearings, at a car boot sale and he had gone with friends to a target range.

The lawyer said Grys came to Northern Ireland around five years ago and had a criminal record in Poland where he was “quite clearly a dishonest individual”.

The barrister said although Grys over indulges with alcohol he has always had a job in Northern Ireland and works in Antrim.

District Judge Nigel Broderick jailed the defendant for four months along with an 18 months driving ban and a £100 fine.

Bail was fixed for appeal.

The judge said the defendant must stay in prison until the appeal as Grys had come to court via an arrest warrant and whilst at large he had committed further offences.

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