Man claims he took 200 ‘Blues’ and had no memory of damaging window in Ballymena’s Harryville area

Ballymena Court

A man who punched and damaged a window pane at a woman’s door claimed he had taken around 200 “Blues” tablets and had no memory.

Cory McKergin (25), of Queen Street, Ballymena, caused criminal damage to a house at Queen Street on June 17 this year and when police spoke to him they found cannabis.

A prosecutor told Ballymena Magistrates Court that at 7.30am on the date in question, a woman said an unknown male was outside her property.

After he “mumbled something” she became frightened and closed the door and after punching the glass McKergin then made off.

He was later located nearby with cuts on his hand and there was a strong smell of cannabis. Between £5-£10 worth of cannabis was recovered.

McKergin told police he had taken a large amount of ‘Blues’ – approximately 200 tablets and had no memory.

He said his father lived in the area and he may have gone to the wrong door.

Defence solicitor John McAtamney said McKergin had been banging on the woman’s door as he thought he was at his father’s address and the disruption had continued as he couldn’t understand why the door was not being opened.

The lawyer said McKergin’s life was “blighted” by addiction to prescription drugs.

McKergin pleaded guilty to charges of causing criminal damage and possessing cannabis and had already paid for the damage, the solicitor said.

The defendant was given a one month jail sentence and fined £100.

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