Man damaged door at a Mauds outlet after downing ‘eight double vodkas and a couple of pints’

A MAN who damaged a glass door at a Mauds outlet appeared to have been “recently crying” and was struggling to “get words out” to police officers who arrived on the scene in the early hours of October 27 this year.

Ronan Lamont (21), of Boyland Road near Ballymoney, admitted a charge of causing criminal damage when he appeared at Coleraine Magistrates Court.

A prosecutor said police received a report of criminal damage at 1.30am on the date in question involving glass being smashed at a Mauds in the north coast area.

A member of the public observed a man causing the damage and when police spoke to the defendant he was intoxicated and appeared to have been “recently crying” whilst “struggling to get words out”.

During a police interview the defendant said he had eight double vodkas and a couple of pints and couldn’t remember some things due to “blind spots” caused by his alcohol intake on the date in question.

Defence solicitor Denise Gillan said the defendant had so much drink taken he was still under the influence later that afternoon.

She said the defendant had gone out and had no memory of what happened later but accepted what the witness said.

The court heard the witness, who was in a car, had been so concerned about the “vulnerable state” of the defendant she had already decided to ring the police about him before the damage was caused.

The court was told the defendant threw his mobile phone under the wheels of a passing car.

Ms Gillan said the incidents were “completely out of character”.

Handing down a one year conditional discharge and ordering the defendant to pay for the damage to the door, District Judge Peter King said it was clear there was “something going on” on the night in question over and above the amount of alcohol the defendant had taken.

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