Man has bail conditions varied so he can celebrate The Twelfth

A JUDGE has agreed to vary a man’s bail so he can celebrate The Twelfth – but a condition remains that he is not allowed to drink in a public place.

William McFaul (25), of Elms Park, Colerarine, has pleaded not guilty to a charge of assaulting a woman on May 14 this year.

Speaking at Coleraine Magistrates Court District Judge Liam McNally noted that the defendant wanted bail conditions suspended “so he could celebrate the 12th of July festivities”.

A defence solicitor said police had no objections to some of the bail conditions being changed but that the PSNI still wanted the alcohol condition to remain.

The judge agreed to remove a 9pm-8am curfew from McFaul’s bail conditions, as well as electronic monitoring and a condition that the defendant has to sign twice a week at a police station on Wednesdays and Fridays.

However, the judge stressed that McFaul would still have to observe the bail condition that he is not to possess or consume intoxicating liquor in a public place.

The defendant also has to submit to a breathalyser examination if at any time the police consider it appropriate to require it.

Other conditions also remain including that the defendant is not to be within 500 metres of an area of Coleraine and he is to have no contact with the alleged injured party.

The case was adjourned to July 22.

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