Man is accused of making ‘rude gesture’ towards marchers at a Junior Orange Order parade

A man accused of being disorderly and making a rude hand gesture towards marchers with intent to provoke a breach of the peace during a Junior Orange Order parade in Portrush has appeared at Coleraine Magistrates Court.

Daryl Dooey (34), of Parker Avenue in Portrush, is charged with two offences relating to June 1 this year.

The disorderly behaviour charge relates to Kerr Street in Portrush.

The particulars of the second charge he faces – ‘Doing a Provocative Act’ – are that he ‘made a rude hand gesture during a band parade with intent to provoke a breach of the peace or by which a breach of the peace or public disorder was likely to be occasioned’.

A police officer told the court she believed she could connect the defendant to the charges.

District Judge Mark McGarrity said they were “serious” charges.

He told the defendant, who did not have a solicitor, he should consider getting legal representation.

The case was adjourned to mid-August.

No further details were given to the court.

However, it is understood the charges relate to an incident, video and pictures of which were posted on social media.

The images showed a man wearing sunglasses and carrying a skateboard at the side of the road as a parade passes by.

Other images show the same man in the middle of the road in front of band members and he appears to have a finger raised in the air.

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