Man is accused of stealing £15,000 from his employer


A man has appeared in court accused of stealing cash of £15,067.27 from the Henderson Retail Group.

The charge, listed as ‘theft by employee’, relates to dates between October 12, 2017 and January 13, 2018.

Ryan Doherty (32), of Newbridge Park in Coleraine, is also charged with fraud by abuse of position relating to dates between October 13, 2017 and January 13 last year.

The particulars of that charge are that whilst occupying a position in which he was expected to safeguard and not to act against the financial interests of Henderson Retail Group he dishonestly abused that position by using cash from the business to, according to the charge sheet, ‘purchase paysafe cards which you then used for gambling’.

The defendant appeared at Coleraine Magistrates Court on Monday for a Preliminary Enquiry – the legal step to send a case to the Crown Court.

A prosecutor submitted that on the basis of the papers before the court there was a case to answer.

A defence lawyer said there were no contrary submissions.

District Judge Mark McGarrity returned the defendant to Antrim Crown Court in September and the defendant was given £500 bail.

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