Man kicked cash machine which he accused of ‘stealing’ his bank card

A MAN who was kicking a cash machine in Portstewart at 1.30am on February 2 this year told police it had “stolen” his card and it was a case of “theft”.

Matthew Mabin (25), of Station Road in the town, then called police a “bunch of scumbags” before struggling with and kicking an officer when arrested.

At Coleraine Magistrates Court on Monday the defendant pleaded guilty to charges of being disorderly and assaulting and resisting a policeman.

A prosecutor said the defendant had been intoxicated and continued to scream and shout at police and limb restraints had to be put on.

A defence barrister said the defendant is due to join the army and Deputy District Judge Brian Archer was told he had been accepted even with his criminal record.

The lawyer said Mabin had been on a night out in Portstewart and had gone to a cash machine to get money for a taxi home and to get some food and he “over-reacted” when the machine “swallowed” his card.

The barrister said Mabin was “very apologetic” and knew he should have not behaved that way particularly as he had a relevant record.

The judge said alcohol was clearly a feature of the defendant’s “totally inexcusable” offending and added: “Hopefully the army will learn you some discipline”.

Mabin was fined £350.

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