Man spits blood in face of partner of eleven years during ‘date night’

A MAN spat blood in the face of his partner of eleven years after downing three bottles of wine on a “date night”, a court heard.

David McMullan (32), of Dunhill Road at Macosquin, appeared at Coleraine Magistrates Court and admitted a charge of assault.

A prosecutor said police had been called to Castlerock at 12.30am on Sunday November 10 this year following reports of an on-going disturbance.

Officers spoke to a distressed woman who said McMullan had pushed her to the ground and “spat blood in her face”.

She was “covered in blood”.

The defendant was in the living room and was arrested.

During a police interview McMullan said he had three bottles of wine had been drunk during a “date night” and his memory was “very vague” but he remembered pushing his victim and spitting blood in her face.

A defence solicitor said it had been “an unfortunate incident” when a considerable amount of alcohol had been taken.

He said McMullan had asked for his mobile phone and his partner had thrown it at him causing damage which “seems to have been the catalyst” for what happened.

The lawyer said McMullan had been “kicked in the face” during the incident causing his lip to bleed, adding: “That’s where the blood had come from.”

The injured party had withdrawn her statement, the court heard, but the defendant had already made admissions during his police interview.

The solicitor said the couple had been in a relationship for eleven years and McMullan’s partner wished it to continue.

The defendant was fined £350 and also ordered to pay his partner £150 compensation.

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