Man threw cannabis into fire in bid to dispose of evidence during police raid

POLICE raided a man’s home and saw him throwing cannabis into a fire to try to dispose of evidence but £300 worth of the drug was seized, a court heard on Monday.

Derek Anthony McCrory (52), of Glenariff Road, Portrush, admitted charges of possessing a Class B drug and obstructing police.

A prosecutor said police had a warrant to search McCrory’s address and arrived at the property around 8.30pm on Thursday October 10 this year.

A defence solicitor said it was accepted it was cannabis and that it was the defendant’s for his own use.

The lawyer said McCrory “indulges in” cannabis and it has been prevalent throughout the defendant’s criminal record.

The solicitor said he believed the police were “quite confident” that if they wished to get their arrest numbers up they just had to raid the defendant’s home.

District Judge Peter King said that was “quite cynical” but the lawyer stressed it was only an “observation”.

The defendant who is currently doing Probation had a relevant record and the judge to say he was aware of the defendant’s background.

McCrory was given a three months prison term, suspended for a year.

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