Man ‘took matters into own hands’ after claiming police were ‘too busy’ to deal with ‘robbery’ report

Ballymena Court

A man who claimed he went to a police station to report being robbed but was told officers were “too busy” to speak to him at that stage then, “out of frustration, took matters into his own hands”.

However Ivan Kobera (36), who had originally been living in Ballymena but is now at Bridge Street in Kilrea, accused the wrong man in connection with the case.

The defendant appeared at Ballymena Magistrates Court on Thursday where he was fined £400 for charges of assaulting a man; causing criminal damage to a window; possessing a knuckle duster as an offensive weapon and being disorderly.

A prosecutor said Kobera was intoxicated after downing a bottle of vodka “straight” and was shouting loudly in the middle of the Galgorm Road in Ballymena in May this year and an hour later at the same location he was also shouting.

The court heard Kobera broke a window with a brick and that a member of the public had taken another brick from him and restrained him on the ground.

The defendant told police the knuckeduster was “for his own protection”.

A defence solicitor said the defendant had never been in trouble before but on the date in question he had earlier been the victim of a robbery and when he went to a police station to report it Kobera was told at a security sangar that officers were “too busy” to speak to him.

In a state of frustration Kobera went and demanded that a man returned his money but it then emerged he had nothing to do with the robbery, the lawyer said.

The solicitor said the defendant wished to apologise for blaming the man.

The solicitor said that “out of frustration” the defendant had taken matters into his own hands but it “went horribly wrong”.

He said the assault was of a technical nature.

District Judge Peter King said he had no hesitation in putting the offences down to the amount of alcohol the defendant had consumed and fined him £400.

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