Man tried to ‘bite’ through police handcuffs


A man who tried to bite his way through a set of police handcuffs after a dispute with his neighbour has been fined £150.

The case of Kenneth Montgomery (57) of Glebeview Park in Garvagh, was heard at Coleraine Magistrates Court.

The defendant was absent from the court but a defence lawyer said that
Montgomery accepted a charge of criminal damage.

The court heard that on April 23 this year police were called to a
disturbance in the Glebeview Park area of Garvagh.

The defendant was one of three men arrested and, after being restrained,
the court heard how Montgomery had tried to bite through a set of police

A defence lawyer said that on the night in question the defendant had
been playing cards in the house and got himself into an “agitated” state
after a minor dispute with a neighbour.

The defence said that Montgomery accepted responsibility and apologised
for his behaviour.

District Judge Peter King said that the incident was “akin to disorderly
behaviour” and fined the defendant £150.

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