Man was disorderly at car park

AN agricultural engineer from Ballymoney who was disorderly at the Mall Car Park in Coleraine has been fined £450.

Thomas Jennings (23), of Nursery Avenue, also assaulted two police officers and resisted police during the incident which came to light at 12.30am on August 12 this year.

Police responded to a report of concern for the defendant’s safety and when officers arrived the defendant lay on the round.

When police tried to speak to him he was swearing, being aggressive and kicking out.

He called an officer a “bald b*stard”.

He kicked an officer and limb restraints had to be applied.

A defence solicitor said it was an “unfortunate incident” which the defendant deeply regretted.

He said the defendant had a previous injury to a shoulder and he had tried to point that out and had “lashed out simply because he was in pain”.

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