Man who exposed himself in view of woman in a garden has been ‘forced to leave’ Ballymena

Ballymena Court.

A Ballymena man who performed a sex act upon himself in public in view of a woman who was in a back garden in the town has been “forced to leave” the area his defence barrister said.

Dean Bryans (24), whose address was given as Orkney Drive in Ballymena, appeared at the town’s Magistrates Court on Thursday and was given a three months jail term, suspended for three years.

He had previously been found guilty of a charge that he ‘intentionally exposed your genitals intending that someone would see them and be caused alarm or distress’ relating to an incident in June last year.

A Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) Bryans had been the subject of following a previous exposure offence at a public park in Ballymena which was due to expire in 2021 has also been extended for three years to 2024.

A prosecutor said that at 11am on June 28 last year a woman was in a back garden when she noticed through a hole in a wall that Bryans had exposed himself and was performing a sex act on himself which left her “upset”.

Defence barrister Neil Moore said as a result of the offence Bryans was “forced to leave” the Ballymena area and now lives with a family member.

Mr Moore said there were “underlying issues” with the defendant, who had a record for a similar offence.

The court heard Bryans continued to deny the offence before the court.

A Probation Officer told the court they could only work with the defendant if he admitted wrong doing and in the absence of him accepting his guilt he would be at a “high risk” of reoffending.

Mr Moore said with the move away from Ballymena and with support from a family member and the extension of the SOPO perhaps the defendant could be given a suspended sentence.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said the evidence in the case had been enough to prove Bryans’ guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and he handed down a suspended jail term.

In 2016 Ballymena Magistrates Court heard Bryans had exposed himself to two females at the Ecos Park in the town.

He had pleaded guilty to two charges of indecent exposure and was put on Probation for two years and ordered to take part in programmes aimed at reducing any risk to the public.

He had also been made the subject of a SOPO which banned him from the Ecos Park which has children’s play areas and is popular with walkers and fitness fanatics out jogging or using ‘open air gym’ facilities.

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