Man who lives near Ballymena Courthouse claims he found ‘mints’ on street but they turned out to be drugs

Ballymena Magistrates Court

A MAN with an address a short distance from Ballymena Courthouse appeared in the dock in the building on Thursday where it was heard he had picked up what he thought were “mints” on a street but they turned out to be drugs.

Alexandru Zoica (31), of Albert Place, Ballymena, pleaded guilty to charges of possessing Etizolam tablets and also cannabis.

A prosecutor said the defendant had been arrested in relation to another matter on November 3 last year and during a search of his home police found a small amount of herbal cannabis along with 15 tablets.

The defendant admitted the cannabis was his but initially told police he thought the tablets were “mints”.

Defence solicitor Stewart Ballentine said the defendant said he was using the cannabis to cope with “stress”.

Zoica was fined £200.

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