Man who punched host causing injuries to man’s nose and eye socket is jailed for ten months

A MAN who was having drinks at a friend’s home and then punched his host on the face causing injuries to his nose and eye socket has been given a ten months jail sentence.

Marcin Marzec (39), with an address listed as Brook Street in Coleraine, was at the town’s Magistrates Court for sentencing on a charge of common assault.

At a previous court, District Judge Peter King had described the incident, which happened on Friday February 23 in 2018, as “nasty”.

At this week’s Court a prosecutor said the injured man had been sitting on a sofa in the presence of his partner and a few friends when he was punched by the defendant and had to go to a hospital Emergency Department.

The court heard Marzec had attended Coleraine Police Station but he could not be interviewed as there had been no translator available and a number of further attempts to interview the defendant had been unsuccessful.

A defence solicitor said on the date of the offence alcohol was being consumed “and for some reason there was a fall out” but there had been no further incidents.

The defendant, a father-of-three, was in breach of a suspended sentence.

The defence lawyer said Marzec has a “difficulty” when he consumes alcohol but he had been “remorseful” with Probation officials and there had been a positive pre-sentence report.

Judge King said the defendant had a record in Northern Ireland going back to 2009 regarding burglary with intent and in 2014 and 2016 there had been drink driving related matters.

Then there was a conviction for grievous bodily harm and assault when Marzec had been given an eight months sentence suspended for two years in February 2017.

He said the new matter before the court was also an “offence of violence”.

Judge King said: “If I were not to send you to prison today that would make a complete nonsense of the suspended sentence from 2017”.

He said he would take into account the time that had lapsed since the start of the suspended period and the fact that there was eventually a guilty plea in the current case.

He activated six months of the suspended sentence and imposed a further four months to bring the total to ten months.

The defendant had bail of £750 fixed pending an appeal.

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