Men accused of attempted abduction of girls have cases further adjourned

Ballymena Court

Two men accused of the attempted abduction of two teenage girls “in a park” in the Harryville area of Ballymena have had their cases further adjourned.

Liviu Caprean (39) and 45-year-old Florin Boros, whose addresses were listed as Kinhilt Street and Queen Street when they first appeared in court a number of months ago, had their latest hearing in connection with the case at Ballymena Magistrates Court .

Both men are charged with two counts of attempted abduction relating to May 19 this year.

A defence lawyer told this week’s Court the men were arrested in relation to an alleged attempted child abduction “in a park”.

The lawyer added, it was alleged they “tried to entice two young girls towards a car” and the men were then “followed by police”.

Meanwhile, also at this week’s court, Caprean pleaded guilty to permitting Boros to use a Toyota Yaris without insurance at Larne Road, Ballymena, on May 19 this year.

A prosecutor said police observed the vehicle at 8.02pm and the driver admitted he was uninsured but thought that he was covered by the policy held by the owner of the vehicle.

Caprean, the front seat passenger, said he had taken out a policy of insurance.

The court heard police enquiries revealed the insurance policy had been cancelled at the request of the defendant on May 7 this year.

The prosecutor said Caprean said he didn’t know the insurance had been cancelled as money had been taken for it from his bank card.

A defence lawyer said the car had now been “disposed off”.

He said Caprean, a married man with one child, had a clear record. He said the unemployed man had applied for benefits.

Regarding the permitting no insurance charge, Caprean was banned from driving for a month and fined £100.

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