Motorist lost tyre after speeding off from police but was located when officers followed track left by rim

Coney's car pictured on its rim after police caught up with him. Picture: PSNI North Coast Facebook.

A MOTORIST who failed to stop for police hit speeds of up to 90mph and when he didn’t halt after his front tyre came off the PSNI called off the pursuit because it was too dangerous but instead following a track made by a rim before finding the vehicle in a lane way.

Barry Coney admitted charges including dangerous driving; failing to stop for police; using a Volkswagen Passat without insurance or MOT and he was an unaccompanied provisional licence holder with no L plates displayed.

The defendant (25), with an address at Sullenboy Park in Cookstown, committed offences on August 5 this year.

Coney drove dangerously at the Ring Road in Coleraine and breached a red light at the Lodge Road Roundabout before driving on to the Mountsandel area of the town.

He collided with a kerb and a tyre came off but as he continued to drive on on just the rim police decided it was too dangerous to continue the pursuit and fell back.

However officers followed a mark left by the rim on the road and found the vehicle in a lane way.

Sentencing has been deferred to the end of November for a pre-sentence report but Coney was given an immediate driving ban.

District Judge Peter King warned the defendant he could be jailed.

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