Police forced to retreat from bedroom in knife stand-off with woman

Ballymena Court

POLICE were called out after an intoxicated woman with a knife approached a neighbour and after a stand-off in a bedroom she surrendered a Stanley Knife.

Janine McCloy, of Britannia Crescent in Larne, had admitted to police she had a knife in her leggings before she retreated to a bedroom in her home with the weapon.

A prosecutor told Ballymena Magistrates Court that police initially retreated from the bedroom and called for back-up but within five minutes she pushed the knife out after opening the door.

The defendant told police that at the time she had “fallen out” with the neighbour.

At court the defendant pleaded guilty to having a ‘Stanley Knife’ with intent to commit grievous bodily harm; being disorderly at Britannia Crescent in Larne and assaulting a police officer.

Defence barrister Michael Smyth said McCloy had been highly intoxicated and had been “behaving erratically” but had since apologised and “reconciled” with her neighbour.

Deputy District Judge Trevor Browne gave the defendant a one year conditional discharge.

He told her: “If there is any further offending the excuses have run dry. I’m prepared to give her something of a chance to prove herself”.

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