Police found over-the-limit woman asleep in vehicle after Christmas ‘works do’

POLICE found a woman asleep in a vehicle outside licensed premises in Portrush was over the limit after attending a Christmas “works do”.

Jacqueline McCloskey (56), a lab assistant, with an address listed as Crocknamack Street in Portrush, was at Coleraine Magistrates Court on January 6.

She pleaded guilty to charges of being in charge of a vehicle with excess alcohol in her breath at Ramore Street in Portrush and failing to provide a specimen of breath for a preliminary test.

When she gave a later evidential test she had a reading of 91 with the legal limit being 35.

At 1.05am on Friday December 13 police received a report about a member of the public getting into a vehicle and police arrived and banged on the window to wake the defendant who was in the driving seat.

Defence solicitor Fergus McIntosh said the defendant had finished work early to go out on a “works do” and his client had no intention of staying the entire evening as she had pre-arranged to visit her mother who lived nearby.

After visiting her mum for a couple of hours, according to the lawyer, the defendant’s mother told her to “run on” because she wanted to watch something on TV.

The defendant had returned to the works party and when she later left the premises she realised she had left the key for her mother’s home in the car.

The court heard the defendant believed it was too late to make any contact with or disturb her mother and she intended to sleep in the car until 8am and return to her mum’s.

Imposing a nine months driving ban along with fines of £300, District Judge Peter King noted the defendant had a drink driving related conviction in 2008.

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