Police motorcyclist detects cannabis being smoked by passenger in car in front

A police motorcyclist travelling behind a vehicle in Portrush detected cannabis and a 58-year-old front seat passenger then admitted he had been smoking the Class B drug.

Hector Kirk Moore, of Drumceatt Park in Limavady appeared at Coleraine Magistrates Court on Monday and pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis in relation to the incident on May 14 this year.

Defence solicitor Paddy McGurk said the defendant was on Employment & Support Allowance and had health difficulties including suffering from a bad back and anxiety.

The lawyer said the defendant “finds some solace” in the minimal use of cannabis.

“Given the revelations of this last week he finds himself in some well-known company,” Mr McGurk told the judge.

Afterwards, the lawyer confirmed that was a reference to Conservative Party leadership candidate Michael Gove’s admission that he formerly used cocaine.

Moore was fined £150.

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