Police respond to report of man ‘going mad’ at pub

POLICE were called after a report a man was “going mad” in a pub and was being restrained by patrons.

When the PSNI arrived at The Forge Bar in New Market Street in Coleraine on September 19 this year, they found John Doherty was intoxicated but he was sitting calmly at that stage.

However, when he was asked to leave he shouted abuse at officers and resisted as he was being led away.

When cautioned he replied: “Catch yourself on”.

Defence solicitor Garrett Greene said that during the incident the defendant “simply falls to the ground”.

A short time after the incident he said the defendant was described as “quite convivial”.

The 56-year-old defendant from Queens Court in Coleraine pleaded guilty to charges of being disorderly and resisting a police officer in the execution of his duty.

District Judge Peter King told Coleraine Magistrates Court the defendant was in breach of a suspended sentence.

That was a reference to a court appearance in February this year when Doherty was given a two months jail term, suspended for two years, for being disorderly at the Causeway Hospital in Coleraine.

The current case was adjourned to December.

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