Police responded to urgent call and man then said he ‘only wanted a lift as he couldn’t get a taxi’

Ballymena Court

A MAN who frequently made false reports to police phoned the 101 number to say he was feeling “suicidal” but when officers raced to the scene he said he “only wanted a lift as he couldn’t get a taxi”.

On another occasion Philip John Hargey (32), of Kintyre Road in Larne, phoned 999 falsely claiming he was going to be “kneecapped”.

The defendant was at Ballymena Magistrates Court in relation to charges of wasting police time

Defence solicitor Sara Edge said her client had difficulties with alcohol and his mental health.

The lawyer said the defendant helps a local band to set up music equipment.

She said Hargey accepts he has an alcohol problem and has recently stated attending AA and is also seeking assistance in relation to his mental health.

She said the loss of a relative to whom he was very close had triggered a relapse of the defendant’s “poor decision making” and Ms Edge said the offences could be a “cry for help”

Police applied for an Anti-Social Behaviour Order to stop the defendant contacting the emergency services, the PSNI and Ambulance Service in particular, unless in an emergency.

District Judge Nigel Broderick handed down a five months jail term suspended for two years.

He said he knew Hargey had problems but this was the last time he was giving him a chance and the next time it would be prison.

The judge also agreed to a two year ASBO.

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