Police spot car driving at 15-20mph then cannabis is found in man’s underwear

A MAN was discovered to have a tinfoil wrap of cannabis in his “underwear” after police attention was drawn to a vehicle crossing a white line and driving through a town centre at a speed of around 15-20mph even though there was there no other traffic.

Further cannabis was found at the defendant’s home and he admitted he had smoked “grass”.

Stephen Johnston (22), of Brook Place in Coleraine, was also found to have been unfit to drive at Hanover Place in the town on June 22 this year when substances in his blood included traces of cocaine.

He was also sentenced for a number of other incidents relating to other dates including multiple incidents of failing to wear a seat belt.

On one occasion he had driven dangerously at speeds in excess of 60mph in a 30mph zone in Coleraine whilst attempting a number of manoeuvres.

Another vehicle was also involved.

The incident happened in the Bushmills Road, Ring Road and Atlantic Road on March 31 this year.

Defence barrister Francis Rafferty told Coleraine Magistrates Court there seemed to be “something of a cat and mouse game going on between the investigating officer and the defendant”.

The court heard Johnston wishes to address substance abuse.

District Judge Peter King said although there was a “significant” number of offences and a Probation report regarded Johnston as a “high likelihood” of re offending he hoped the defendant entering “fatherhood” would “prove that assessment wrong”.

The judge said he had to protect other road users and banned Johnston from driving for two years.

He was also given a one month jail term, suspended for a year; has to do 80 hours of Community Service; was put on Probation for a year and was fined a total of £750.

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