Trio are accused of affray at McDonald’s Restaurant

Ballymena Court

Three Ballymena men have been accused of making an affray at a McDonald’s Restaurant.

They are Anthony Dowds (23), of the Lighthouse Hostel; Josh Tait (19), of Rosses Farm and Leon Carley of Skye Park.

Tait and Carley also face a grievous bodily harm charge whilst Dowds second charge is common assault.

The charges relate to October 13 last year.

The cases have been sent to Antrim Crown Court for arraignment at the end of June.

Tait had previously been barred from having contact with Carley as part of bail conditions.

Tait sought to have that changed so that he could go as part of a group containing Carley on a holiday to Majorca for a week in July.

The court heard that during the McDonald’s incident Tait and Carley were allegedly under the influence of alcohol and had “spurred each other on”.

Regarding the holiday, a defence solicitor said what happens in another country “is for there” but District Judge Nigel Broderick said: “We shouldn’t be sending people over there that are an identified risk”.

The court heard Tait and Carley had clear records.

The judge agreed to change the bail condition to allow Tait to go on holiday with Carley present.

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