Uninsured driver claimed he was testing 18-year-old Subaru Legacy after reported problem with brakes

Antrim Courthouse.

An uninsured driver caught in an 18-year-old Subaru Legacy claimed he took it for a test spin after his partner said there was smoke coming from the vehicle and problems with the brakes.

David Robert McCaig (35), a bricklayer, of Kintyre in Antrim, was spotted by police on April 29 this year.

Officers checked the insurance and saw the vehicle was only insured for a female but the only person in the vehicle on that occasion was a male.

They followed the car and when the male got out it was the defendant who admitted he did not have insurance nor a driving licence.

He also admitted he had not asked the owner if he could drive the vehicle.

Defence solicitor Garret McCann said the car belonged to the defendant’s partner and she had been having difficulties with the brakes and smoke coming from it.

McCaig had decided he would take the car out for a “quick spin” but it had been a “very stupid” decision to drive the 18-year-old car.

At Antrim Magistrates Court on Tuesday the defendant was banned from driving for six months; fined £300 and given a one year conditional discharge.

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