Wife ‘wasn’t best impressed’ by husband’s car insurance fail

A COURT heard a woman “wasn’t best impressed” when her husband told her a car, which she had been driving, was not insured.

Nadine Close (35) of Tullyarton Road, Coleraine, was detected using the vehicle at Bushmills Road in Coleraine on March 31 this year.

At Coleraine Magistrates Court she was given six penalty points and a £200 fine for not being covered by insurance.

Her husband, Richard Colin Close (36), was given a similar sentence for permitting the vehicle to be used without insurance.

The court heard there had previously been insurance but it was revoked due to a direct debit failure.

Defence solicitor Denise Gillan said Richard Close worked in the building trade in Belgium and Germany and he had been adamant that his wife was unaware of the insurance issue.

The court was told the car is now insured in Nadine Close’s name.

The defence lawyer said Mrs Close “wasn’t best impressed” when her husband “had to confess” there was no insurance.

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