Woman (63) with ‘very relevant record’ who failed to provide breath sample is banned from road for seven years at Ballymena Court

Ballymena Magistrates Court

A WOMAN wept in the dock at Ballymena Magistrates Court as she was given a seven year driving ban as well as a suspended sentence for failing to provide a breath specimen following a collision.

Samina Logan (63), of Elginny Road near Broughshane, had also failed to report a ‘damage only’ accident which happened as she was in Broughshane on November 28 last year.

Following the collision police found the defendant in the driver’s seat of a stationary vehicle and she failed to provide a preliminary breath sample.

She was taken to a police station and also failed to provide a sample there.

The defendant pleaded guilty to two charges.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said the defendant had a “very relevant record”.

A defence lawyer replied: “She does, there is no doubt about that”.

As the defendant wept in the dock, the lawyer said his client had been “really petrified” about the court appearance which, he added, had taken its toll on her and was affecting her mental and physical health.

He said the defendant had been “living on her nerves” in recent years and was self-medicating with alcohol.

On the date in question she had gone to get some “bread and milk” and “clipped a wing mirror”.

The defence barrister said the defendant could not provide a sample of breath “because of a plethora of medication she was on”.

Judge Broderick said the defendant had a very poor record with a number of relevant convictions.

He suspended a five month prison term for three years and banned the defendant from driving for seven years after which time she will have to re-sit her driving test if she wishes to get back on the road.

The judge said any time anyone gets behind the wheel of a car with alcohol taken they “pose a danger”.

He told the defendant on Thursday: “The penny has to drop that you shouldn’t be driving”.

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