Woman kicked rear window of police car after being arrested at McDonalds

McDonald's in Ballymena

A woman kicked the rear window of a police car following her arrest at McDonalds Restaurant in Ballymena.

Marlene O’Boyle (42), a shop assistant, of Lisles Hill Road near Glenarm, who had a previously clear record, appeared at Ballymena Magistrates Court on Thursday.

She admitted charges of being disorderly, resisting police and attempted criminal damage to a police car window relating to May 10 this year.

Police were called by concerned staff at McDonald’s around 11pm on the date in question and an extremely intoxicated O’Boyle began swearing at officers and was disorderly.

She refused to get into a police car and at one stage kicked the rear window with both feet but no damage was caused.

A defence lawyer said the defendant regretted the incident and apologised.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said he accepted the offences were very much out of character as she was 42 and had never been at court before.

Fining the defendant £275 he added: “Hopefully this is a one-off blip”.

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