Women addicted to inhaling gas attacks police during ‘Farmer’s Bash’ concert

A WOMAN addicted to inhaling gas has been given a suspended jail term for attacking police who were dealing with a disturbance during the ‘Farmer’s Bash’ outdoor concert in Portrush.

Elizabeth White (24), of Ramsey Park in Macosquin, appeared at Coleraine Magistrates Court and admitted being disorderly at Causeway Street in Portrush on the evening of August 9 this year.

She also admitted assaulting two police officers.

A prosecutor said police were dealing with a disturbance during the ‘Farmer’s Bash’ event.

Whilst police were dealing with a male, White intervened and punched an officer several times on the back and headbutted a police sergeant in the face before being arrested.

A defence barrister said it was a “bad incident” and White could not account for her behaviour as she was under the influence of alcohol, and drugs – “I believe gas”.

Not withstanding her criminal record, the lawyer said White was embarrassed by her behaviour and wished to apologise and she now may be “turning the corner”.

When sober and when abstaining from substances she does not get into trouble, the barrister said.

White told the court she had been in jail three times and added: “I’m a drug addict, I’m addicted to gas”.

District Judge Peter King gave her a five months jail term, suspended for three years, but warned the defendant it was her “last chance”.

The defendant told the judge she would not get in trouble again “and if I do send me to jail”.

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