Manchester United playing in Broughshane

Man Utd are playing in Broughshane.

An Old Trafford youth team will be in the village on Monday July 29 (5pm) taking on Strikers in the Junior Section of SuperCupNI.

Junior Section fixtures, venues & kick off times

MONDAY 29th JULY 2019


12:00 Co Fermanagh v Charlton Athletic

12:00 Co Antrim v Dundalk SL

12:30 Co Tyrone v Bracknell Town Parker Avenue, Portrush

2:30 Leeds United v Dundee United
Scroggy Rd, Limavady

3:00 Pumas Unam v Wallsend BC

3:00 Cherry Orchard v Colina

4:00 Co L’derry v Plymouth Argyle
Seahaven, Portstewart

5.00 Manchester United v Strikers

6:15 Arsenal v Global Premier Soccer
Scroggy Road, Limavady

7:00 Rangers v Co Armagh
Riada Stadium, Ballymoney

7:00 Co Down v O’Higgins Showgrounds, Coleraine

TUESDAY 30th JULY 2019


12:00 Charlton Athletic v Colina

1:30 Co Antrim v Co Fermanagh Riada Stadium, Ballymoney

3:00 Plymouth Argyle v O’Higgins
The Warren, Portstewart

3:00 Leeds United v Wallsend BC

3:00 Cherry Orchard v Dundalk SL
University (1)

4:00 Co Armagh v Dundee United
Clough, Ballymena

4:30 Strikers v Pumas Unam
Parker Avenue, Portush

5:00 Co Down v Global Premier Soccer Riada 2, Ballymoney

6:45 Co L’derry v Arsenal
Anderson Park, Coleraine

7:00 Rangers v Bracknell Town
Showgrounds, Coleraine

8:00 Manchester United v Co Tyrone Riada Stadium, Ballymoney



11:30 Cherry Orchard v Wallsend BC Castlerock

11:30 Co Antrim v Pumas Unam
Anderson Park, Coleraine

1:00 O’Higgins v Dundee United
Clough, Ballymena

3:00 Strikers v Co Down
Riada Stadium, Ballymoney

4:00 Co Tyrone v Colina

5:00 Bracknell Town v Dundalk SL
Riada 2, Ballymoney

5:00 Manchester United v Charlton Athletic
Scroggy Rd, Limavady

5:30 Co Armagh v Co L’derry
Anderson Park, Coleraine

7:00 Arsenal v Plymouth Argyle
Seahaven, Portstewart

7:00 Leeds United v Co Fermanagh

7:30 Rangers v Global Premier Soccer Scroggy Rd, Limavady

Junior Section Qualification – How it works…

Each team will play 3 group games – one on Monday, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. Three (3) points for a win and one (1) point for a draw in all Qualifying games.

On the basis of points gained in the qualifying matches, teams in the Junior Section will then be placed in ONE table, 1 to 22 and shall qualify for the following competitions:

Team Placing:

SuperCupNI: 1 to 4 – Semi Finals of the SuperCupNI

SCNI Globe: 5 to 8 – Semi Finals of the SCNI Globe

SCNI Vase: 9 to 12 – Semi Finals of the SCNI Vase

SCNI Bowl: 13 to 16 – Semi Finals of the SCNI Bowl

SCNI Salver: 17 to 22 – Mini League Play off for SCNI Salver

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Tickets and Admission Information

Admission to games at Coleraine Showgrounds, Ballymena Showgrounds, Seahaven (Portstewart), Riada Stadium (Ballymoney) and Scroggy Road (Limavady) is : Adults £7 and Youths (under 16) £4.

Admission to games at Anderson Park (Coleraine) and Broughshane is Adults £4 and Youths (under 16) £2.

Games at Portrush, Castlerock, The Warren (Portstewart), Clough, Ahoghill, Ulster University and Riada 2 (Ballymoney) have no admission charge and are free to watch games.

Finals Night, Friday 2nd August:

Admission to the Finals is Adults £10 and Youths (under 16) £5

Multi Match Tickets priced Adults £27 and Youths (under 16) £10 – covers admission to all games.

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