A TAIL WITH A HAPPY ENDING: Emotional re-union between dog owner Maria and Rhea after pet’s Mussendun Temple plunge


THERE were dramatic scenes on Saturday afternoon at Mussenden Temple on the north coast as the Coastguard and Fire Service were called to an animal rescue on the cliff.

Maria Weimer was out walking her two year old dog Rhea when the pet jumped up
onto the wall and fell over the back of the wall.

The dog fell aproximately 20ft down and landed on a ledge. Immediately the dogs
owner called 999 at approximately 3.30pm and was put through to the Fire Service who
then alerted Coastguard Teams. Belfast Coastguard deployed teams from
Coleraine and Ballycastle.

On arrival Coastguard teams established the safest and easiest way to
retrieve the dog safely was by means of a rope rescue.

Cliff technicians descended the cliff face to retrieve the dog to its waiting, thankful

Speaking at the scene Maria Weimer said “We were out for a walk with Rhea at Mussenden Temple when she jumped up onto the wall not realising how small the wall was or the drop on the other side.

“She went straight over the wall and fell down the cliff. It was my first time at the Temple myself and I didn’t realise the sheerness of the drop either.”

She added: “We looked first before calling 999 but realised it was far too dangerous. We just kept talking to her until help arrived.

“Crews arrived very quickly to help us and reassured us and told us what they were
going to do before they did it. The first responders arrived in under 10

Emotional Maria said: “I can’t thank everyone enough for what they have done to rescue Reah this evening, the Emergency services have been exceptional, I would specifically like to thank the NIFRS who referred the call to HMCG. The crews from Coastguard were Professional, exceptional and extremely reassuring… Thank You.”



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