Audi A3 speeder doing more than twice the speed limit in Ballymena is given driving ban as judge says courts must take ‘strong approach’ to prevent accidents

Ballymena Magistrates Court

A woman driving an Audi A3 who was caught doing more than twice the speed limit in a residential area in Ballymena has been banned from driving for two weeks and fined £400.

Deborah Storey (30), of Deerfin Road, Ballymena, was detected doing 63mph in a 30mph zone at Dans Road, on April 23 this year.

At Ballymena Magistrates Court on Thursday, she pleaded guilty to an excess speed charge.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said: “Time and time again we are told that speed is a major cause of accidents. The courts must take a strong approach especially when you were travelling at double the limit”.

References regarding the defendant were handed in to the court.

Defence barrister Michael Smyth said: “The defendant accepted her culpability. A momentary period of absent-mindedness allowed her speed to creep up”.

He said she drives many miles and works throughout the island of Ireland.

Bail was fixed for appeal.

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