‘Ballymena Daily’ digs deep to shed some light on the mystery of the disappearing town centre flower planters!

FOUND!…Flower planters in the council yard this week.

‘BALLYMENA Daily’ today sheds light on the mystery of the disappearing town centre planters!

Our exclusive pictures show a number of planters at a council yard beside the recycling centre at Waveney Road in the town.

Large flower containers which were a distinctive feature of the new public realm scheme in Ballymena became a big talking point when they disappeared from the streets.

MORE PLANTERS? These appear to be planters at the council yard.

The local council insists they have just been taken away to be replanted and will be back.

Around 25 of the large containers appeared in Ballymena town centre in recent years and when in full bloom with flowers many people said they made an eye-catching addition.

Screenshot 2018-10-12 at 1.40.17 PM
ON THE MAP…How one of the planters – on Church Street -looks on Google Maps. Google says the picture was taken in May 2018.

However, out of season many residents felt the planters were ugly looking without flowers and just became dumping grounds for rubbish.

Some people even referred to the planters as “skips”.

Now, the planters have been uprooted by the council and are in a council yard.

The council says they were taken there to be re-planted and they will be back on the streets.

No timescale was given as to their re-appearance.

AND THEN THERE WAS ONE…This planter was still in the town centre this week at Meetinghouse Lane.

The movement of the flower planters has been a talking point in the town.

Some people wondered why the planters could not have been left in place to be replanted.

UNSIGHTLY…One of the planters pictured without flowers which had become a rubbish dumping ground.

Others say the planters should be taken away when the summer ends as without flowers they only become unsightly and dumping grounds for discarded drink tins and cigarettes.

A Mid & East Antrim Borough Council spokesman told ‘Ballymena Daily’: “The planters have been taken to a council storage facility. They are being replanted and will be returned to the town centre.”

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