‘Dangerous’ long grass has now been cut at entrance to Millfield after ‘Ballymena Daily’ secured pledge from roads chiefs




Long grass which residents feared could cause an accident at the entrance to the Millfield estate in Ballymena was cut on Wednesday morning after ‘Ballymena Daily’ took up the case on behalf of concerned locals.

One resident had told us: “The situation is getting so bad I dread having to use that junction but there is only one way in and out of Millfield and there is no alternative.

“The problem is that the grass blocks the view of a sweeping bend on the Grove Road which means cars cannot be seen until the last minute. Local people are basically taking their lives in their hands because of this dangerous situation.”

‘Ballymena Daily’ raised the matter with roads officials on Tuesday and a short time later we received an assurance that the grass would be cut within 24 hours.

One of the residents who contacted us welcomed the pledge.

“That is great to hear because the grass really is getting out of control. We would like to thank ‘Ballymena Daily’.”

A Department for Infrastructure spokeswoman told ‘Ballymena Daily’ on Tuesday: “The Department is planning to cut all roadside verges and sight lines twice in the period April to October.

“Sight lines at bends and junctions will be cut more frequently as resources allow, to help ensure public safety is not compromised.

“The first cut has commenced in all Council areas, however if our attention is drawn to specific locations where the grass is causing a particular issue we will endeavour to give these urgent attention.

“I can confirm the grass on Grove Road, which includes Millfield junction, will be cut tomorrow 20th June.”

And on Wednesday morning the grass cutters moved in as our before and after photos show.

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