Bin-Ovation in Mid and East Antrim as council rolls out new app to help residents recycle

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MID and East Antrim Borough Council has stepped up its fight against the amount of landfill waste produced, by implementing Bin-Ovation, a new app that is revolutionising recycling for households across Northern Ireland.

The Bin-Ovation app is free to download for all Apple and Android platforms from the App Store or Play Store.

It provides information on how to reduce, re-use and recycle waste items, has a handy bin collection day reminder service and provides a comprehensive range of information on all aspects of the council waste prevention scheme.

Using the latest app technology, residents can also get GPS directions to their nearest recycling centre and receive push notifications to their device regarding handy tips and relevant facts as well as changes to their bin collection service.

Mayor of Mid and East Antrim, Councillor Lindsay Millar, said: “This app will save a significant sum of money each year in addition to the benefits to our local environment.

“Few people are aware that if a recycle truck is contaminated by the wrong item it costs a substantial amount of money to correct the mistake.

“Bin-Ovation could change all that by helping our local householders to easily check what goes where.”

Available on smartphones and tablets, Bin-Ovation provides absolute clarity on how to treat hundreds of household waste items, giving directions on which bin an item should go into or whether it should go to a recycling centre.

The app even adapts to different council areas making sure each region gets the correct recycling information.

“We’re all very excited by Bin-Ovation at Mid and East Antrim Borough Council,” said Cllr Millar.

“As a council, we’re proud of our efforts to preserve the environment and reduce waste. This app gives us the opportunity to communicate directly with our residents about these issues and can really make a difference. We’re encouraging everyone to download it to their smartphones or tablet devices today.”

Bin-Ovation’s Michael Brady said: “We believe the Bin-Ovation App will massively improve reduce, re-use and recycling levels in NI councils and allow councils to communicate with the householder more cost effectively, quickly and without having to print materials to inform the ratepayer of new updates.”

For further information contact the council or go to Bin-Ovation

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