‘Britain First’ leader Paul Golding speaks in a video filmed in Ballymena and pledges to hold a ‘Day of Action’ in the town

Mr Paul Golding (in the green) is pictured in the centre of Ballymena. This picture is a still taken from a video on the Britain First website.

BRITAIN First says it will be holding a ‘Day of Action’ in Ballymena in response to the migrant issue which has created headlines in the town in recent weeks.

The far right group’s leader Paul Golding has been in the town where he made a video which has been posted on the group’s website.

In the video, Mr Gosling says: “Britain First is going to be holding a campaign here, a Day of Action, we are going to be leafleting the entire town”.

He added: “The locals that we have spoken to are absolutely up in arms and Britain First is going to be exposing what is happening here in Ballymena”.

Mr Golding also made claims about the DUP and in the video he goes in to DUP MLA Paul Frew’s office in Ballymena.

The video ends with Mr Golding and others standing outside the DUP Advice Centre in Church Street holding a large banner saying ‘Britain First Northern Ireland’.

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