Britain First say 150 people attended a rally in Ballymena



Britain First held a street rally in Ballymena on Saturday and the group says 150 people attended.

It took place in the Harryville area of the town and the group was also in the Bryan Street area of Ballymena handing out leaflets.

The group posted a number of pictures of their event on the internet.

On their website the group said: “Following on from our successful and popular day of action in Ballymena town centre, Britain First held a street rally that attracted one-hundred and fifty local residents.

“We had originally planned to hold a small indoor gathering and catered for around thirty activists and local residents.

“However, when 3pm came the entire local pub was packed to the rafters and we were forced to take our rally out onto the streets.

“To our surprise, huge numbers of local residents turned up and our PA system and camera equipment were dragged outside.”

The statement said “the turnout was a symptom of the deep disillusionment ” surrounding elements of migration into Ballymena.

The statement added: “Britain First leader Paul Golding gave a passionate and rousing speech to the assembled crowd which was well received. The streets echoed with cheers and applause. After the rally ended, the assembled patriots headed inside for a social.”

In another statement the group claimed Britain First ” is going to be leading the opposition in Ballymena to the migrant influx”.

It added: “Britain First Northern Ireland (BFNI) held a day of action in the small unionist town of Ballymena today and received an amazing response from the local residents.

“For several hours our activists criss-crossed the town centre distributing thousands of leaflets.

“Britain First leader Paul Golding posed for photos with dozens of local residents who supported out cause.

“Britain First is leading the local resistance to this barrage of migrants.

“The people of Ballymena are firmly behind Britain First as was evidenced by the amazing reception our activists enjoyed in the town centre,” the statement said.

The ‘Concerned Residents of Ballymena’ website said: “The Britain First speech in town today that had nothing to do with this group”.

Sinn Féin’s Philip McGuigan said the people of Ballymena will continue to challenge the “hate-filled politics” of Britain First.

The North Antrim MLA said: “This dangerous group seem intent in trying to exploit the current situation to peddle their own extreme, racist, views in an attempt to turn the local community against those from outside Ireland who wish to make Ballymena their home.

“They have little concern for Ballymena or its people.

“The statutory agencies must be allowed to do their job to de-escalate the situation in Ballymena as there are lots of inaccurate and hysterical comments about immigration and foreign communities being posted on social media and in a leaflet distributed by Britain First.

“The people of Ballymena and indeed throughout the north will continue to challenge these extreme racist views.”


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