Buckfast binge man was glassed in face with ashtray and when taken to hospital he refused treatment and became disorderly because of his ‘drastic fear of needles’

Causeway Hospital
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A MAN who had been glassed in the face with an ashtray after a Buckfast drinking binge was later disorderly at hospital and claimed he was disruptive because he has a “drastic fear of needles”.

Curtis Archibald (19), of Revellagh Road, Bushmills, was taken to the Causeway Hospital in Coleraine but refused to get treatment to wounds to his blood-covered face because of his needle phobia, Coleraine Magistrates Court was told on Monday.

Earlier, he had refused to go to get into a police car and then on his way to hospital he had repeatedly wiped blood on the back of a head rest in the PSNI vehicle.

At the hospital he swore in front of patients and staff and refused to let medics stitch an injury near his eye.

Archibald told police he had earlier downed two bottles of Buckfast and was on his third bottle when he was allegedly struck by his brother with a glass ashtray.

The defendant did not press charges against his brother.

Archibald pleaded guilty to charges of being disorderly at the hospital, causing criminal damage to the interior of a police car and resisting a police officer.

Defence solicitor Sam Barr said his client had been the victim of a “very very serious assault” and his brother had been arrested for grievous bodily harm with intent which was dropped because Archibald did not wish to make a complaint against his sibling.

Mr Barr said Archibald was taken to hospital in a state of intoxication with “two severe lacerations” to his face and his “non-compliance” with medical staff was because he has “a drastic fear of needles” and refused to have his injuries sutured at the time.

Regarding the criminal damage to the police car, Mr Barr said his client’s hands had been handcuffed and with blood running into his eyes he had rubbed his head on the seat out of necessity.

District Judge Peter King said courts take a dim view of offending at hospitals but he accepted the defendant had attended with significant injuries and imposed a two months jail term, suspended for one year.

The defendant was also fined £150 for breaching previous conditional discharges.

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