Buckfast-fuelled dad attempted a hand stand inside police station when asked to provide a specimen of breath

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A Buckfast-fuelled dad attempted a handstand inside a police station when asked to provide a specimen of breath after being suspected of being involved in an incident in which a car crashed into a field and was on its roof.

Stephen David Morgan (31) of Glenmanus Park in Portrush, was at a police station on September 1 this year after a Ford Mondeo was discovered with smoke coming out of it at Clare Road, Ballycastle.

A prosecutor said police received two 999 calls from separate members of the public at 11pm on August 31 that a vehicle had gone of the road and into a field.

The Fire Service found the vehicle on its roof but it had no occupants. A police patrol then located three males two miles away and one of the males had cuts.

When Morgan was taken to a police station and asked to provide an evidential breath sample he was obstructive and began to hit his head off furniture in the intoxilyser room and attempted to do a handstand and the procedure was abandoned.

He had earlier given a preliminary sample.

Morgan told police he had Buckfast and vodka and later admitted to police he should have provided a sample at the station.

Defence solicitor John Murphy told Coleraine Magistrates Court his client had been “highly intoxicated” but maintained he had nothing to do with the accident.

When police had stopped him he was drinking Buckfast and had finished the bottle.
Mr Murphy said Morgan thought he didn’t need to provide a sample at the station because he wasn’t driving the vehicle.

The solicitor said that after downing Buckfast by the time his client got to the police station the effects had kicked in and he tried to do a handstand.

District Judge Peter King said it was the first time he had heard of anybody trying to do a handstand in a police station and said the defendant “could not have acted more stupidly”.

The defendant had a previous drink related conviction and was banned from driving for three years and fined £250.

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