Man who threatened to ‘jump all over’ ex-partner’s face fails to complete Community Service

Ballymena Courthouse6
Ballymena Courthouse

A man, who threatened to kill his ex-partner and said he was going to “jump all over” her face, failed to complete a Community Service Order and has had it replaced with a three months jail term, suspended for a year.

Tony McRandle (20), of Bay Road in Larne, appeared at Ballymena Magistrates Court on November 22.

A previous court heard a woman blocked McRandle’s phone but instead he used his mum’s phone to threaten to kill her and say he was going to “jump all over your face”.

Last year McRandle had been sentenced on charges of harassing and making a threat to kill his former partner.

A prosecutor told the previous court that in August 2017 the woman received messages from the phone of her ex’s mother which were abusive and threatening violence towards her.

The prosecutor said it was established the defendant was using the phone and at one stage he sent a message saying: ‘I’m going to f–king kill you, you are dead. I’m going to jump all over your face’.

There were also 36 unanswered phone calls, the court was told.

The prosecutor said McRandle had used his mother’s phone to “circumvent” a block which had been put on his phone by his former partner.

The defendant had previous convictions regarding his partner.

Defence solicitor John Murphy told the previous court his client suffered from depression and the incident happened very close to his birthday.

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