Crunch time in court for man who stole Tayto crisps while attending band parade in Antrim town

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It was crunch time in court for a man who stole Tayto crisps from a shop in Antrim town where he was attending a band parade.

Stephen Ogilvie (35), of Dunraven Court in east Belfast, was also shouting at members of the public in the High Street area of Antrim during the incident in April this year.

He was drunk when he entered the shop on a number of occasions and told staff he did not have money to pay for the crisps.

When police arrived they saw him eating crisps and shouting at members of the public.

He was searched and a small quantity of cannabis was found.

When arrested the defendant struck a window of a police vehicle with handcuffs and kicked an officer on the leg.

When interviewed the defendant said he had been at a band parade and was drunk.

He said he was an alcoholic and that when he was drunk he would often shout and be disorderly.

The court was also told that in June this year Ogilvie stole £12 worth of Carlsberg from Tesco at Royal Avenue, Belfast.

He returned and was told he was barred and then punched a security guard in the face and assaulted police when arrested.

In another incident, in July this year, Ogilvie was arrested for a breach of bail and kicked a police officer who was in the driver’s seat of a police vehicle.

A defence barrister said the offences were at the “lower end” of the scale but, at Ballymena Magistrates Court on August 16, District Judge Nigel Broderick said: “He punched a security guard in the face, that is not at the lower end”.

The court heard Ogilvie had mental health difficulties and was trying to address his alcohol issues.

Ogilvie was before the court for sentencing on charges including theft, disorderly behaviour, possession of drugs, attempted criminal damage, assault, assault on police and resisting police.

The judge said the defendant’s problems were no excuse for the assaults as he jailed Ogilvie for four months.

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