Cyclist suffers broken back bone and memory loss in Cullybackey collision

screenshot 2019-01-25 at 4.07.14 pm
The collision happened at the junction of Main Street and Shellinghill Road in Cullybackey. Picture: Google Maps.

DISTRICT Judge Nigel Broderick said witnesses appeared to attribute the cause of an accident in Cullybackey to the sun being low but that was of “little comfort” to a cyclist who suffered a broken back bone.

Raymond William Rea Kernohan (53), of Cardonaghy Road, Ahoghill, admitted driving without due care and attention at the junction of Main Street and Shellinghill Road in March last year.

A prosecutor told Ballymena Magistrates Court on Thursday that when police arrived the cyclist was receiving first aid and it was established that the defendant had turned into the path of the cyclist who was knocked up into the air at around 4.40pm on March 25.

The defendant told police he had not seen the cyclist.

The cyclist received a hairline fracture to his vertebra and suffered slight memory loss.

The bicycle was also badly damaged.

During a police interview, Kernohan apologised for what happened.

Defence solicitor David McIlrath said witnesses said the sun was low in the sky.

He said the former Tesco worker had been driving for 36 years and had never been in an accident nor had he ever any penalty points.

Mr McIlrath said the defendant had taken what happened “very badly” and was not present in court.

Kernonhan was given nine penalty points and fined £300.

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