Drink driver who pulled car out in front of police is labelled a ‘danger’ to road users

Coleraine Courthouse3

A MACOSQUIN drink driver who pulled out into the path of a police vehicle, which had to perform an emergency stop to avoid a collision, has been given a five months jail term after a judge said: “Everything points to a a tragedy waiting to happen as long as you are at liberty to use the roads”.

Aaron Joseph Samuel McMullan (34), of Macleary Road, came to police attention at Dunderg Road, Macosquin, on September 24 this year.

He pleaded guilty to offences of taking a vehicle without authority; driving whilst banned; being uninsured and being at the wheel with excess alcohol in his breath.

The offences were in breach of a suspended sentence for a previous drink related matter.

The court heard McMullan had an alcohol/breath reading of 92 – the legal limit is 35.

Defence solicitor Denise Gillan told Coleraine Magistrates Court on November 19 that McMullan had been driven to a pub by his partner who then left the car unlocked and with the keys inside.

After going elsewhere and returning by taxi to go back to the pub it was closed and McMullan decided to take the vehicle less than a mile home because the vehicle was needed to take him to work early the next day.

District Judge Peter King said McMullan was “a clear danger” to road users and this was a case in which “public protection” was paramount.

The judge said the defendant had been given a suspended sentence previously for drink driving when he was almost three times the limit and again, on the latest occasion, he was heading towards being triple the limit.

Judge King said the defendant was driving drunk whilst disqualified in September.

He jailed McMullan for five months and banned him from the road for three years.

The defendant was released on £500 bail pending appeal but is banned from driving in the mean time.

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