Driver is labelled a ‘complete and utter menace to law-abiding road-users’

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A man with previous motoring offences who has been accused of driving while disqualified in Larne has been remanded in custody after being labelled a roads “menace” by a judge.

Jason Black (24), with an address at Glenfarne Place in Larne, is also alleged to have had no insurance or MOT for a black MG vehicle at Albert Street in the town on Sunday September 16.

The defendant appeared at Coleraine Magistrates Court on Monday September 17 where a police officer opposed bail.

The officer said Black had several previous convictions for driving whilst disqualified but continued to get behind the wheel.

If released on bail, police said they would have concerns about him not showing up in court again as 21 arrest warrants were issued for the defendant in the last four years.

The defendant told the court: “I understand what I did was 100 per cent wrong”.

Remanding Black into custody, District Judge Peter King said there was a clear risk of re-offending.

The judge said the defendant was a “complete and utter menace to law-abiding road-users” and Black was putting people’s safety at risk on the roads.

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