‘Dual carriageway’ sign makes people think 60mph stretch is 70mph – lawyer

screenshot 2019-01-11 at 1.20.26 pm
A ‘dual carriageway’ sign near Dunloy as shown on Google Maps.

A court has heard a claim a ‘dual carriageway’ sign makes people think a section of the Frosses Road near Dunloy has a 70mph limit when it is actually 60mph.

Defence barrister Stephen Law raised the point at Ballymena Magistrates Court on January 10 and handed a picture of the sign to District Judge Nigel Broderick.

He was speaking as Dale Gilchrist (33), of Shetland Gardens in Ballymena, admitted doing 93mph in a 60mph zone.

The BMW was detected on May 17 last year.

screenshot 2019-01-11 at 1.18.53 pm
Google Maps also shows a speed detection van at the end of the ‘dual carriageway’ section near Dunloy.

Mr Law said the defendant accepted he was doing 93 but that the sign indicated a ‘dual carriageway’ which you would believe is 70mph but “it is not and police sit at the far end”.

He said the defendant was over-taking a vehicle at the time of the detection.

Mr Law said “numerous” cases are prosecuted at that section of road.

The barrister said the point he was making was that the defendant’s speed was not “as bad” as one might have first thought.

Judge Broderick asked if the sign situation had been pointed out to the authorities.

The court heard the defendant hopes to become a long distance lorry driver.

Judge Broderick said he would take into account the “unusual aspects” of the case and gave the defendant three penalty points and a £300 fine.

At the same court, a Ballymena man was given three penalty points and £60 after pleading guilty to speeding.
Lee Robert Brennan (34), of Paradise Avenue, was detected doing 75mph in a 60mph zone on May 17 last year on the Frosses Road.
He said he thought it was a dual-carriageway and he was allowed to do 70mph and had been travelling there or thereabout that speed.

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