Egg-cellent purchase means lucky Ballymena customer wins £10,000 after finding white Creme Egg

Store manager Lisa Martin at Culbertson’s Spar shop at The Rosses in Ballymena where a winning £10,000 Creme Egg was bought. Picture: North East News.

A LUCKY customer made an egg-cellent purchase in a Ballymena shop by finding one of the much sought after white Creme Eggs to win a top prize of £10,000.

Cadbury’s will be shelling out the cash to the customer who cracked it when they called in to Culbertson’s Spar shop at The Rosses.


It is understood only two of the white Creme Eggs with a £10,000 prize were distributed to shops.

The chances of finding one of the £10,000 eggs are almost on the scale of winning the jackpot in the National Lottery – but it has happened in Ballymena.

Store manager Lisa Martin, speaking at the shop to ‘Ballymena Daily’, said news of the success had been the main topic of conversation on the lips of customers.

She said: “Cadbury’s contacted us to say a white Creme Egg was purchased in here and someone won £10,000. They didn’t give any more details about who it was but said they would be in touch again.”

Asked how she felt that her shop had such a winner Lisa joked: “I wish I had found it! If I knew it was there I would have went through them all!”

She added: “No, it is good that somebody has won it”.


Lisa continued: “We are glad to know that somebody has actually purchased it in here and won it. Good luck to them”.

She has been manager of the shop for fourteen years and she had never witnessed anything like the creme egg success.

She admitted she is a fan saying: “I love a Creme Egg”.

Lisa said customers are delighted that someone had success at the shop.

“People think it is great,” she said.


Lisa said she is anticipating a surge in sales of Creme Eggs at the shop and had ordered in four more hods of creme eggs.

“There are other prizes to be won,” she said.

Customers were delighted at the success.

One woman said it was “fantastic” and another customer said: “It was a great piece of luck. I wonder will lightning strike twice” and went off and bought a Creme Egg…without success!

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