‘Energy Detectives’ celebrate success

A group of energy detectives from Hazelbank and Longstone Primary Schools spotting how much energy it takes to make a smoothie with Tesco’s Ronnie McFall.


Children in the borough have accepted a special mission set by Mid and East Antrim Borough Council to spy on all those energy wasting appliances in the home in a bid to save energy.

A number of local primary schools were briefed by Energy Detective HQ and have been taking part in a number of challenges.

Council’s Energy Detectives programme has seen fun-filled activities taking place across the borough at seven primary schools in recent weeks.

Pupils aka the ‘Energy Detectives’ have been learning more about energy with fun quizzes and renewable power challenges.

The aim of the programme is to provide practical learning around energy use in the home.

Pupils become members of a team of ‘Energy Detectives’ to uncover ‘energy thieves’ in their home, see where it’s being wasted and ultimately help them and their families save money.

The team of detectives first uncover the ‘energy thieves’ by counting how many electrical devices they have in their home. They then create a line-up of suspects, grill family memebrs to see what devices they use the most then interrogate the final three suspects using an energy monitor to see which one is stealing the most energy.

Each Energy Detective chats to classmates to compare notes then provides a ‘Detective Report’ on their mission findings.

Mayor of Mid and East Antrim Councillor Linsday Millar said: “It is great to see young children and their families learning about how energy is used and what can be done to help save it in a fun and interactive way.

“Council are committed to addressing the health and wellbeing of all its residents and offering this programme to local schools is a great way to encourage families to save money on household energy bills by identifying the biggest energy using appliances in their home.

“A special thanks also goes to Tesco as well as they provided free fruit at the events as part of their ‘Free Fruit for Kids’ initiative.”

This programme was developed by Mid and East Antrim and Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Councils through funding by the Public Health Agency.

If your school is in the Mid and East Antrim area and you would like to accept the mission you can contact homesafety-energyadvice@midandeastantrim.gov.uk for more details. If you choose to accept it!

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